Winter Shopper Special 2023/2024

 Running from the 1st November 2023 to the 31st March 2024 residents and visitors will be able to purchase a £2 ticket from a ticket machine and it will be valid in any East Devon car park until midnight on the day of purchase.

 Pay just £2 and park for the rest of the day (till midnight) and the same ticket can be used in any East Devon District Council Pay & Display car park. The ticket will show the "normal" expiry time but as long as you have paid £2 it will be valid all day. 

Excludes Parkmobile payments and Permit Holders.

Honiton Parking Guide

Car Parking in Honiton a general Guide

Honiton is a popular market town in East Devon which sits alongside the A30 (which could be considered an "extension" of the A303) and is also at the end of the A35. The A30 (A303) and A35 are the main roads to the west of England and before the M5 was built the number of cars entering the town was considered legendary as the High Street was the old A30 and took ALL the traffic heading to the west country. Indeed, before the M5 came if you made any trip to the west country by car you would find people asking the question "How long were you stuck in Honiton?"

Thankfully the new part of the A30 running alongside the town as a "Bypass" now alleviates it from all the through traffic but it does remain a busy and popular place to visit, both for tourists and locals alike as it has a lot of retail outlets not found in other towns locally. 

Car Parking in Honiton is usually a bit of a challenge but hopefully this web site will help you find a space.

In a nutshell there are both long and short stay car parks around the town but for the first three hours are all charged at the same rate and all are not that for from the town centre. Confusingly the main short stay one, Lace Walk Car Park, has a second car park flanked alongside. Hopefully if you wander around this web site all will become clear. 

There are three car parks up New Street which is a main turning off the High Street up towards the station. Two are actually on New Street and one is just off in King Street, and if you use The Star Inn (Wetherspoons) as a landmark they are easy to find. 

Assuming you are coming off the High Street then King Street is just before The Star and the two South Street Car Parks are just beyond the pub, King Street is short stay, the South Street ones are long stay but remember prices for the first three (four) hours are the same in both so for a shorter visit is does not matter which one you use.

As there are a fair number of narrow roads around this area it seems a lot of people pay for long term parking here as they have no street parking option, as such they can all be busy but it is by no means impossible to find a space.

The "Main" car park for visitors to Honiton is to be found down down Dowell Street (A373 towards Cullumpton) and is called the Lace Walk Car Park. Confusingly the Thelma Hulbert Gallery Car Park is on the same site.

An alternative long stay one can be found down Silver Street which is, in itself not that easy to find! You have to head up the hill on the High Street and out of the centre of the town and on the left, still withing the shopping parades, is a small turning called Silver Street. If you are coming up the high street the entrance is almost a U-Turn. The road is one-way and will take you down to the car park which is on the right. It is situated right next to the Community College Car Park, make sure you use the correct one! If you are struggling to find a space Silver Street is a good place to look for one as it is somewhat tucked away.

All the linked pages have post codes and maps to help you.

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